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Friday, August 07, 2009

I'M KNITTING!!!!! I'M B A A A A C K !!!!

So why did I wait so long for the carpal tunnel release surgery? Who knows! But I anticipate complete recovery in a short period of time. I am back to some limited knitting and crochet - limited only because I don't want to overdo it just yet. On Monday the stitches come out, and I'll have further instructions on my level of activity. Tennis? Soon I imagine, as long as I don't use a two-handed backhand.

On Tuesday, I crocheted a few simple chain necklaces to accompany some glass pendants - one for a friend and one for me (or to sell - not sure yet.) On Wednesday, I started a new shawl in teals and aquas, from stash that I had gathered together prior to my surgery. THAT will be slow going, because as it enlarges and the rows get longer, my hands will tire and ache a bit - the left from the recent surgery, the right because it NEEDS the surgery and gets numb. But I am happy to be back and sorry not to have done this YEARS ago.

Yesterday I delivered my pre-selected items to Lynn at Ziabird. Her shop is so elegant. I am indeed gratified that she has chosen to carry some of my wraps and cachecols. Thanks, Pat Hart! And I also got news yesterday that Artshak in Southport had sold TWO of my bags already and Crescent Moon in the Cotton Exchange has sold one of the fused glass and fiber necklaces. They have GREAT news, so go visit their pages! Looking to be a good month!

Tonight is the opening of Artistry in Southport. Planning to attend after working at Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts all day. BUSY!!!!

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