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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tea, Waterfront, Felting and Connections!

Le Rouge et le Noir Felted Envelope Clutch

Le Rouge et le Noir Felted Envelope Clutch

Well, you might wonder what these things have in common. Really - nothing - in and of themselves. But for me, they now have great meaning! OK, where to start......?

A couple of weeks ago while working at Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts with Melanie Walter of Pine Garden Baskets, I met the wife of a former co-worker of hers. Marsha and I talked about felting, wool, fiber festivals, and she mentioned that she had a huge amount of felting supplies with no intention of ever using them again. Would I like to have them? I said I'd BUY them, but no, she wouldn't hear of it. So we arranged to meet at the Wilmington Tea Room on the waterfront across from Chandler's Wharf where she works part-time as a chef! What fun!

The Tea Room is adorable! It WILL be the next place my GLO girls group meets. A view of the Cape Fear River, lovely place settings, flowers, yummy odors emanating from the kitchen,a collection of unusual and colorful tea pots, and Marsha there in her apron and hat! What more could one ask for? Well, Marsha had ready for me TWO huge bags full of fiber - roving, pencil roving in a variety of wools, needles for needle felting, books on felting, and more! It was a feast for the eyes and fingers!

So now.....I need to make her something special, and I think I may have just done that today! I used some of her felting supplies to make a scarf and a bag, and I will invite her to look at them here to decide if the colors work for her. From my own stash, I only added the black and silver ribbon yarn and the cuts of eyelash.
What do you think of these (almost) matching accessories in red and black?

Le Rouge et le Noir Felted Scarf

Le Rouge et le Noir Felted Scarf

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