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Friday, July 10, 2009

Home at Last!!!

It's been a VERY long week at Duke Medical Center. Tony had a second cardiac ablation on Monday; we came home yesterday - finally! He seems to be doing OK, with just a few little blips of V-tach which his ICD corrects very quickly. We think (hope) that it's simply due to irritability of the heart from the procedure itself. Keeping my fingers crossed and trying to recover from the sheer exhaustion I feel. I expect by tomorrow to feel fully refreshed and back to something of a routine.

While at Duke this time, I WAS able to knit (usually I can't do it for some reason!) and managed to complete two shawls and a crocheted scarf! I discovered an adorable little yarn store in Durham, called Cozy (no website but here are some reviews!), and I bought some yarn (not a lot!) with free patterns. The scarf I made is a variation on that pattern. Photos coming later today!

So once again I thank all my supporters through yet another health crisis. There WILL be more to come, but I'm hoping for a reprieve for a little while anyway.

News to come shortly about my new ventures/adventures in selling my work!

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