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Friday, April 03, 2009


...............with felting!

I've become OBSESSED with felt! So far, I've done hand-knitted and then machine washed felt for bags, nuno felt on silk to create scarves and brooches, handfelting to produce handbags and jewelry, and now felting using Artfelt paper! FOUR different kinds of felt for different purposes with surprisingly beautiful - and different - results! So....I am not only obsessed, but also happy to report good sales in all varieties. The only problem is TIME - or lack of it!

All these processes take a good deal of time, and in the case of hand and nuno felting, a great deal of physical labor over the course of many hours. Here are some examples:

Handknit and Washing Machine Felted Clutch Bags

Floridian Copper Sand Clutch BBBag Felted Clutch

Nuno Felt on Silk

Stormy Nuno Felt Scarf 9/1/08 Nuno Felt Pin / Brooch 6

Dream Felt II Clutch Radicchio Embellished! SOLD!

Artfelt Paper Felting
Monet's Garden Felt Monet's Garden Felt

I really can't decide which I prefer at this point and would like to do more of all of it without choosing a preferred medium. Feel free to leave comments about YOUR preferences. And you can see more of the various felts in my sets on flickr.

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Chrissie said...

I think you need to make more time for your felting by giving up less important things. Like sleeping and eating!

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