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Monday, April 06, 2009

Great Connections!

Deja Vu Scrunchies!

Do you believe in serendipity?   Sometimes the ways in which destiny takes us are ironic! Working at Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts exposes me to a variety of people from all over the country - and well beyond!. Many visitors to Wilmington stop in, as we are conveniently located in the historic Cotton Exchange in the downtown area. May locals come too, frequently bringing with them their out-of-town guests, and many more locals are discovering us. We are about to celebrate our SECOND Anniversary this month, with growing sales and a loyal following.

I LOVE working there, especially on Saturdays when the traffic volume is the best. It's a gallery of 21 local artists in clay, fiber, wood, metals, and mixed media, and it's a very handsome gallery at that. I never fail to have that "AHHHHH!" feeling when I enter the door. So here's the best recent news from Scarf It Up!

A woman came in looking for hair scrunchies several weeks ago. I wasn't working that day but was asked to contact her. Hmmmm......! Scrunchies, I thought! Been there; done that several years ago and not too thrilled with the prospect. But I called her and we chatted about the rather funky, upscale ones she had in mind. I made a prototype to show her. Pat came back to the gallery with her hairdresser, Norma, who owns her own salon in Chandler's Wharf. Norma bought it for her friend/client on the spot! We exchanged ideas and business cards, and I ultimately made these three shown here which are now for sale at Salon Deja Vu! More to come....!

But the irony......: Norma is from RI, where we lived for 30 years! HER sister was kind enough to take this photo of the scrunchies on mannequins, a decidedly better choice than the scrunchie photos I've posted on flickr.

This past Saturday was Azalea Festival weekend, so traffic in the Gallery was fairly slow. However, I floated around in a new multi-shade teal shawl that I had just finished. It was to sell in the gallery because every time I wear this one, people want it, and I've decided to keep it for myself. So I made another - and I never even got a chance to photograph it! It SOLD right off my back!'s been a happy April so far! Hope it continues. I'm working on my new shop on 1000 Markets! I'll announce here when it's up and running! But in the interim, please go check out other fabulous shops there.


Carol Dean said...

Congratulations a great start to a new month :D

Sarah Craig said...

Hey just read your article. That sounds pretty good, can't wait to try it out. You should post it on too. I have found a ton of food and drink recipes that have come in handy at BBQs. They have a ton of articles on how to make everything. Plus you can put a link to your page and they have graphs to track how many hits you get on your articles. Thanks so much for posting your article.

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