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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Griff, the PBGV, at 8 weeks!

It's been SIX whole months since Max died! If you'd like to read the story of Max, see this link in my blog and start reading from the bottom. And since Tuesday, we have been the proud parents of a new, darling PBGV. We've named this 8 week old pup GRIFF! Of course, if you change just one letter of his name, you get GRIEF, as in Good Grief! But so far we seem to be fortunate to have gotten ourselves a VERY good puppy! PBGVs are generally high energy, very smart (and very stubborn) dogs, but Griff seems to be quiet, independent, and great FUN!! There is laughter in our house again and the (good) responsibility of taking care of another of earth's creatures.

Griff, the PBGV, at 8 weeks!

I KNOW we have made the right decision - although I have to admit I agreed to another dog under duress. However, the change in my husband, especially after so much ill-health, is nothing short of miraculous! So Griff will bring pleasure and treasure to our home, and for that I am enormously grateful.

Griff, the PBGV, at 8 weeks!

Thanks to Helen and Charlie of Charlen Kennels for their kindness and correctness in selecting Griff as ours.

First night, Griff slept 4 hours, went out to pee, and then slept 4 more hours in his crate. He cried only a short while upon placement in the crate. Last night he slept from 11 PM to 5:30 and then cried a bit before falling back to sleep. He follows us around like a little baby and already we have fallen in love! Good Griff, where will this lead to next???

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Triz Designs said...

ohhhhhhh how simply adorable!!!!! I'm sure he will bring you both many years of pure love and joy!!!! :-)

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