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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yo-Yo-ing with Max!


To those who have been following this chronicle of Max, he's having a GOOD Day!

Another night of wondering if he would make it through, and guess what? He has not given up the fight yet! Nor have we! Just as we have been beginning to get our heads around the idea of his imminent demise, he has got us all fooled! This spunky little guy (always was spunky, stubborn, sprightly, and spoiled - how's that for alliteration - or is that consonance?) Anyway, I digress!

After the removal of all that fluid/blood from his chest cavity, he has been able to eat and drink a little, rest quite comfortably, and use his voice! He is wagging his tail, peeing and pooping appropriately OUTSIDE, getting excited over going for a ride, and much more alert and perky today.

While I was getting dressed earlier today, I heard him barking like a maniac - his usual greeting - at the service guy who had pulled into our driveway. He was RUNNING around out there! Just now he gave my husband a kiss - on command like he always would do. This is a remarkable turnaround!

Because we can't seem to get him to take his antibiotic by mouth (this was a dog who would eat just about anything, but since his decline last week, he has shunned most everything), we called the vet to see if they could give it to him in injection form. The receptionist called back and said that they could give him one that would be effective for TWO weeks, but she said it would cost $80. I laughed out loud, saying that we were SOOOOOOOOOOOO deep into this now that $80 for two-weeks' protection was just fine!

So.......Max is not ready to throw in the towel. We are realistic about his prognosis, but for now we are content to have him back to a few of his old tricks. And we are grateful!

Max and Marley (our daughter's Cockerpoo)

Max and Bailey (our other daughter's Havanese)


Carol Dean said...

I'm celebrating for you and Tony (and Max, of course). *hugs*

Chauncey said...

tough times, Louise, Glad Max is having some fun days.

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