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Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Update on Max!

It's been a L O N G few days, but Max prevails! So far anyway! He is one sick puppy - if you can call an 11 and a half year old a puppy! Yesterday and again this morning, we got the devastating news that he has what appears to be a large malignant tumor on his heart with some nodules on his liver and spleen. NOT GOOD! However, after draining fluid from his pericardium yesterday, he is able to breathe better, rest better, and he had a very good night.

I thought he wouldn't make it through the night, however. But in fact, he did and rebounded this morning. How do we know? He licked my spoon and oatmeal bowl when offered. He perked right up and almost ran to the door when asked if he wanted to go for a ride. I thought perhaps this could be his last ride, but not for this little guy! He sat up the whole way to the vet, looking out the window, alert and perky. When we just picked him up, he RAN into the room, wagging his tail, and making NOISES!!!! This was astonishing, for this dog that had the vocal range of a cat, a baby, and a grizzly bear combined had been absolutely silent for too many days! He sat up the whole way home, smiling, and eager to come in. Then he ate some real food, drank some water, and now has been sleeping well.

He is not long-term, and we are adjusting to that. If the fluid builds up again tonight or tomorrow or this week for that matter, we will end his journey and relieve his suffering. But the vet doesn't know - it could be two months or so! So.....we are in limbo!

So I took some photos this morning of our little guy! And I am including photos of a sculpture my husband did several years ago that so captures the essence of Max - even if it is quarter-size.

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