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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Max and Dolly

 3/3/97 - 9/18/08


even earlier - 9/17/08

This is a sad, sad day for the Giordanos!  Our dear sweet boy took a terrible turn for the worse very early this morning, and we knew his suffering had to end.  Yet he was able to walk into the veterinary office where he submitted calmly and gratefully to the one needle that would offer him relief.  My heart hurts.  The silence is deafening.  This pain will persist for a very long time.

We are saddened even more by having just learned that my husband's sister and her husband in France had to put down their 16 year old Coton de Tulear - pictured above with Max in 1998 -  just yesterday.  What an unrelenting irony!

I want to thank my friends (real and virtual) who somehow managed to put up with my various meltdowns in the last week, and who will probably put up with more in the ensuing days.  And to Dr. Ron Harris and staff at the Porters Neck Veterinary Clinic who cared so for Max and eased his transition and our pain as best they could.  They were wonderful!

We will recover, as we always do, from this latest adversity.  And Max is safe now.  We had two glorious days with him in good form, and so I hope to remember those rather than this last one of struggling.  He was the best!  In a few days, when I feel up to it, I will write a bit about some of Max's antics that are never to be forgotten. 

And oh yes, it's time to get back to creating - for my own sanity and distraction. So...if you're reading this, I know you care, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.  lsg


DreamWoven said...

so sorry...but so glad max isn't in pain. he's in your heart and what a wonderful place that must be!

Fiber Focus said...

They sure do not live long enough... I have four monsters that are my babies and can't bear to think of that day that is sure to come. Three of them are a year apart (a rescued Mom and her two daughters) and that's going to be a horrible time. But, what's the option? Not to experience the years they do give us? I don't think so...

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