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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Remember the ROADKILL????

There's always a story!  I told one of them a while ago about the REAL roadkill.  Today I learned of another, once again relating to my work.  If you haven't read the first one (or if you just haven't got the stomach for it!), here is another.

I had coffee with my friend Sandy today, and she is a hoot!  She had asked me a while ago to make her a nuno felted brooch to "match" her array of animal prints.  I gladly complied because I had a number of such prints in silk that would felt into the wool nicely.  Here it is - er….um….was!:

Today she told me that she wore it to some friends' house on an evening when she had outfitted herself from head to toe in animal prints.  Some time later, she realized that she didn't have he brooch but had no idea where she might had left it or lost it.  After scouring everywhere, she gave up on it - and never told me…UNTIL TODAY!

Months later, she returned to this same friend's house where friend produced an almost unrecognizable "animal!"  What happened, you might ask… had apparently fallen off while she was entering her car after the dinner, where it subsequently was run over by her own car and probably several others before being discovered in the driveway.  Such is the outcome of the Roadkill Brooch - not to be outdone by the roadkill scarf!

I think I'll have to make her another with care instructions included.  You can't leave your "animal" in the driveway and expect it to survive!

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