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Sunday, November 09, 2014

The Perfect Rationale!

I've been absent from blogging mostly because I've been so busy - lots to report!  The result of the "lots to report" is that my house - truly almost the entire house - is in disarray due to my new passion for wet and nuno felting!  I don't have a studio per say; I have storage and some work space upstairs in the bonus room (called a FROG - Finished Room Over Garage in NC!).  But the only place I can do the wet felting is in my kitchen.  Here is where and how I must store my supplies:

  • The merino wool roving and other fibers are in the laundry room.
  • The silk and other fabrics - which consist of thrift store scarves, dresses, skirts (the larger size the better!) - are both in the laundry room AND in an under-bed storage container underneath the bed in the bonus room (which also serves as a guest room when needed where I can actually sleep SIX if needed!)
  • Yarn, buttons, beads, sewing machine, threads, recycled jewelry, etc. are upstairs.
  • Most of my knitting needles and crochet hooks are in my everything bag with some additional ones upstairs.
  • Felting tools (bubble wrap, solar pool, cover, rug mats, palm washboard, netting, pool noodles, towels, soap) are stored in both the laundry room and in one of the cupboards in the family room (right off the kitchen!)
  • My work space for felting has to be in the kitchen because I have a large island at counter height on which I can spread the pool covering.  It is still not large enough to consider doing another seamless vest, so that may be a one and only.  More about that in another post!  And I need access to hot water!
I think that covers it!  Thinking I'll need to stash it all today as we are having some guests over tonight for dinner.  Planning my precious work time and space is critical (but really I'd just like to leave it all in place so I could work at my leisure!

To be continued……….!

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Benton said...

What a wonderful crafty hobby to be into! My wife's crafty so I will mention your blog to her and she may be tempted to have a go. According to google, the finished product, whatever that may be, is simply stunning. It would be great to see more of your work. Don't be shy to post some photos next time.

Benton @ Pool Solar WA

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