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Thursday, June 26, 2014


It's official!  I'm actually traveling in October to Hudson, WI to take an exciting felting class with Beth Marx !  It is sponsored by Robbin Firth of Heartfelt Silks at the St. Croix Gallery.  The focus is on vest-making in nuno felt, combining merino wool roving, silk fabric, and other inclusions and techniques.  I "met" Beth in the Fiona Duthie online workshop just completed last month.  She was enormously helpful and supportive, emailing daily, exchanging photos, ideas, and even lots of personal data.  With her reassurance (and that of my doctor who determined that I do not have rotator cuff issues), I decided to take the plunge!  You can read call about Robbin's Fabulous Fibre Month on her blog.

I've never been to a workshop of this nature.  I have taken several one-on one (Jean Gauger and Cynthia Mollenkopf) classes as well as small group workshops in felting, but this will be very special.  It represents a commitment to the medium and an evolution in my creative endeavors.  It also represents a travel/logistical nightmare!

The materials list is enormous!  And I'm flying to MN!  My felting materials currently reside in three distinct (and decidedly NOT convenient!) spaces of my home.  I don't own some of the required materials, and in looking at the list, I can't figure out HOW to get all of it there.  I've already bought a suitcase - probably not big enough, but it has to be something I can manage by myself.

I feel fortunate to be able to book my flights and car with miles, a hotel at a reasonable workshop rate, and also spend two days with my nephew, whose wife and children I have never met!  I'm excited by all this, but I'm trying real hard to stay focused and sane in the interim.  I hope to produce something similar to the vest Beth is wearing in the photo above.

I've been creating wraps and scarves, incorporating some of the techniques learned in Fiona's workshop.  Beth and I both seem to have fixated on similar favored techniques.  My final project for Fiona's class sold within three days; the ones below are available:

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RobynFrance said...

Wow Louise--love the completed wraps and the challenge of the new workshop is very exciting. Good luck--and enjoy it to the limit.

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