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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Times Flies! Particularly today!

Daylight Savings Time!  It makes the day seem so short, so I managed to get up early to not miss a minute of this beautiful day - finally!  Rough winter here in Southeastern NC, but then it's been the worst everywhere, it seems.  It looks to finally be getting to be Spring here, with temps expected in the 70s today. Tennis, a walk with the dog, and the usual Sunday chores.

But then I realized I hadn't blogged in ages - since before my trip to AZ!  A glorious trip with my daughter, first to visit my brother and sister-in-law in Scottsdale and then to Sedona and Grand Canyon.   All excellent memories - perhaps for another blog day.

But here's a story that came out of the trip and then traveled home.  A couple of years ago I had made a unique necklace/neckwrap for my SIL, using a 3-ring intertwined squares napkin ring with freeform crochet and beads. You can see all of them here.  I remember buying the napkin rings at World Market (I think!), thinking they'd make an interesting project.  I also remember that every other one of them sold - and that I still had one more napkin ring at home.  So when I got home (with yarn, beads, and Roberta's cold), I decided to use some of the AZ yarn and beads to make such a piece for me. One of the ones right below is the one I made for Karen - not sure which!


Below is the one I just made upon my return and decided to keep as a memento of my trip.


I wore it to a gathering the other night, and one of the women asked me if I "could make one just like that" for her.  I told her that no, this was the last of the square napkin rings.  BUT….I was awaiting some others - not square - but possibly to use for these necklaces.  

They arrived, and I nearly broke my hands trying to reconfigure one of them.  However, I did produce this:

I showed it to another fiber artist/friend who loved it, so I sent the photo to the woman who had wanted mine.  SHE LOVED IT too!  SOLD!  It doesn't quite have that organic look as the squares, but it's interesting as well, and I have FIVE more of the rings to struggle/play with!  New ones coming soon!

If any of you reading this see the squares napkin rings ANYWHERE, please either let me know right away or buy me half a dozen.  I'll pay you back and reward you, I promise!  :)

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