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Friday, January 31, 2014

Neighbors & Hospitals, Winter Blues in NC, and Websites!

You may wonder where I've been!  Well, I've wondered where I've been too!  I certainly haven't been attending to my creative juices, which haven't been flowing at all!  I've been preoccupied with a number of other things.  Briefly:

  • Neighbors & Hospitals: Our wonderful next-door neighbor of 10 years passed away three weeks ago today (RIP, John B.)  Two days later, I brought his wife to the ER in A-Fib and with breathing issues.  TODAY, SHE IS COMING HOME if we can get there - but still in A-Fib and with breathing issues.  She has no one nearby except us and other concerned neighbors.
  •  Winter Blues: or perhaps I should say, Winter Whites and Ice!  On Tuesday of this week, this area of the South had an ice/snowstorm that has virtually crippled the region.  Coming from RI, we and our cars are/were used to this wintry mix.  However, in these parts, people are ill-equipped to handle it.  Consequently there is NO treatment at all on secondary roads.  We've been housebound for three days!  Driving is still treacherous, and all those not used to this type of weather have no clue how to drive in it!  
  • Weebly: I have taken on the responsibility of managing a new website for Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts!  This link is temporary (and as I return to it now, I see that neither URL is currently working!)  ARGGGGGH!  I am NOT a web designer or graphic artist!  However…..I've found a web creation site ( that is excellent!  I had previously developed a site for myself, (Scarf It Up!) using their service, with SUPERIOR and IMMEDIATE support from them.  They now seem to be growing so fast that their support is not quite as immediate as earlier, but I have learned SO MUCH through their FAQS, tutorials, and webinars that this has been a perfect project for me during these housebound days.  Ours later, I am still awaiting resolution to my various issues.
So please bear with me and be patient as my time and attention have been diverted and fractured in the last three weeks.  Bouncing too many balls in the air at once.  But what fun is it if you only have just one?

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