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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Prepping for the Annual Scarf It Up! Holiday Home Show AND SNEAK PEEK!!!

Despite having a fabulous November, thanks to Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts in The Cotton Exchange and the three shows I did during the month, I AM going to host my usual Holiday Home Show on Saturday, December 7 from 10 - 4.  This year will be somewhat different from those in the past.  Normally, I ask a few other artisans to come and show/sell their work.  Since this year's show was dependent on remaining inventory, and since I've been such a prolific creator in recent months, I need to reduce my inventory!  And there was no time to invite other artists.  So it's just me and my stuff!

SO.....despite it being really difficult for me to give up my work at reduced prices, this is something I MUST do!  I bit the bullet and have marked almost everything down for this show this year!  Some items are slightly reduced; many have been drastically reduced!  Some of these giveaway prices are for one day only; others will remain in an effort to continue to lower the level of my inventory.  

One Facebook follower asked if this show was going to be on FB too.  Initially I said "no!" but now I'm rethinking the idea.  Again, depending on the level of sales, I may photograph some of what's left and have a FB sale sometime next week.  Stay tuned to my FB page for details TBA.  I will need to return some of the items to Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts post-home show, but items that are hugely reduced may appear on my FB page!  It could be an interesting experiment!  I'm thinking......!

More info coming soon!


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