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Monday, November 11, 2013


Those of you who know me or have followed me for a while know that 

OMG!!!  I have completely lost my mind, I guess, because this week brings with it the reality that I am doing TWO shows this week (BACK-TO-BACK) and one BIG one on November 23, "Art for the Masses"  at UNCW Burney and Warwick Centers.

THEN I go into a coma, except that it's Thanksgiving, and  the family is coming for a few days.  Not to worry, I LOVE doing Thanksgiving!

So it's been weeks of constant creation, online yarn/ribbon shopping, tagging, pricing, fussing with displays, and so much more related to my fiber arts.  And it all comes down to this week and next.

The first show is Wednesday, but I can set up the displays tomorrow.  It's the Assistance League of Greater Wilmington Luncheon and Fashion Show.  We were to have an 8' table, then it was reduced to a 6' table, at which time I realized that I couldn't possibly show my things on any one table.  I have ESSENTIAL free-standing displays: a retail fixture, a 3-part screen,  a wire mannequin; and I also have other items that can be displayed on a table (mirror, a vintage copper magazine rack, another mannequin, and various velvet and leatherette busts).  Obviously, my displays will be different for each show, as well as the range of what I actually show for each show.  It's the unknowns right now that are driving me crazy!

Since everything will be in my car for the two shows this week, I've arranged to set up the displays for the first one tomorrow, and at the conclusion of that show on Wednesday, to bring it all to the home of the show on Thursday.  Here is info about this show.  Friday I go into coma mode and go for a relaxing deep muscle massage to ease out all the stress and aches from lugging all that stuff in and out of car, show, car, show, and car, and then into my house again.

And then - if I have anything left to sell  - I will host my own annual Scarf It Up! Open House at my home on December 7.  These are set-ups I have been playing with in my guest bedroom.  Yesterday and today, it's being moved to my car - slowly.

I'll report back later in the week.

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