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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

And SOOOOOOOO It Begins!

It seems I've been frantically making new items in knit. crochet, and felt for months now.  Actually, I've been making wearable and decorative fiber art for years now, but in the last 2 months, I have been working overtime to be sure to have enough product for the two shows this week and one large one on Nov 23.

TODAY is the day before the first show, so in about an hour, I am going to the venue, station wagon loaded to the gills with displays, racks, vintage accouterments, bags, tissue paper, business cards, price lists, labels, tags, mannequins, table, table cloths, mirror, cleaning materials, and OH SO MUCH MORE, plus a killer headache and stomach that is tied in knots!  This is supposed to be fun!

Yesterday, I bragged/blogged that "I DON'T DO SHOWS!"  Today I wish I had stuck to my guns!  But not to get too carried away with the negative.  I am actually looking forward to showing and (hopefully) selling a bunch of stuff.  It's been an excellent sales time last month and this at my local gallery, so perhaps the show-goers will reward the vendors with lots of sales!

The selling aspects are fun!  The set-up and tear down are drudgery!  In addition, tomorrow right after this show, I will load up the car and move all the stuff to the home of a friend of a friend who is hosting an Open House with several vendors on Thursday.  What was I thinking?  Well, I know what I long as I have all that stuff in my car, I might as well deliver (dump) it at the next show before bringing it all home again for the final show of the month on November 23, Art for the Masses, at UNCW.

So I will be lost to the blogging world for the next several days and will report after I come up for air at the end of the week.  I may post updates on FB, so check out this link and this one.

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