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Friday, September 13, 2013

Another Felting Day!

I've had it in my mind to have another felting day....finding a whole day with no commitments is not easy.  I really have to carve out the time and then protect it with my life!  So today worked out, and in fact, I ended up making far more felt that I had originally planned.

Earlier this week, I selected the materials I wanted to work with and prepared everything.  That works out well, to have it all ready to roll - no pun intended - on the designated day.  By 8 AM, after DH had gone to play golf, I started with felt-tipped scarves.

 Remember this coat and dress?  It's a gorgeous rayon dress that an artist friend gave me to use for various creations.  I cut the front panels from the outer coat to make scarves for her and also for my friend who had just visited.  It's rayon with beautiful colors that I tried to match - not so much!  Here are the two resulting scarves:

I went on to work three more felt-tipped scarves, nuno felting onto vintage scarves from my own collection and one from a local thrift store.  I have recently discovered that the process WILL work with heavier silks.  I had originally thought they had to be gauzy or silk chiffon to be "feltable."

The others are here:

Then.....using the rovings, locks, and batts I had out for the morning's projects, I make FIVE layered flower brooches.  Here is a photo of all of them drying, awaiting embellishment with more felt, beads, and possibly crocheted centers.


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