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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

A Day at the Gallery!

The felting experience gone awry?  NOT!!!  One of the other fiber artists (BJ Berlo) at my gallery, Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts, wanted to see this piece.....absolutely loved it, wanted it!  In the interim, I've decided that I want to keep it, because I found a way to wear it that looks quite interesting.  I've promised to do another experiment - longer and narrower - that would suit her better anyway.

She brought me the most amazing dress to cut up and use for a variety of purposes in my creations.  It's a beautiful rayon print with the look of hand painting.  It is many sizes too big for her now (YAY!!!)  In return, I will make her a felt-tipped scarf.  The fabric is voluminous, so I'll be able to get several such scarves out of it and still have plenty left for use in Upcycle Scarves or even knitting with fabric.  Can't wait to get my hands "dirty!"  Thanks so much, BJ!  It's a shame to cut it up, but I promise beautiful scarves and other uses for the material.

Yesterday at the gallery, one of the owners (Sybil West)  and I worked to incorporate the two black cube stands that I recently bought from Merrimon Kennedy of New Elements Gallery.  In addition, I pulled a number of Spring and Summer items to make room for Fall and Winter pieces.  I love doing this, always believing that change is good and less is more.  That done, I now have brought home a large bag filled with unsold items.  There is still a large bin and a very small one in storage at the gallery.  Not sure what to do with all this.  May be time for a S A L E!!!!

The entire corner and forward space was revamped.  My case was moved to the corner, refitted with most of my new Felt-Tipped Scarves and felted handbags.  The two black cubes sit adjacent to each other, with pottery (Dick Heiser), wood (Marg Rawlins), gourd (Dory Maier), and another Felt-Tipped on top.  Two of Iris Simmons' small art quilts grace the wall above.  It looks great!

And then I worked on the ladder display, the swirl rack, and all the little tchotchkes nearby.  I didn't want to pull ALL the lightweight, light-colored pieces, so this is the transition stage.  I always need to keep in mind that we have visitors to the gallery from all over the world, where the seasons are sometimes quite different from the southeastern U.S.  But I can't wait for Winter!  And I'm in the process of creating many new items for Fall and Winter.....stay tuned!

Be sure to notice the glimpses of work by others of our 20 artists at Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts.  Visit us on FB and our webpage to see more.

I plan to participate in Art for the Masses this year on November 23 and also to hold my annual show and sale in early December.  Last year at my home show, I included a bargain room, to offer my loyal friends and customers reduced pricing on many items - at 20 - 50% off original prices.  I will do the same this time - unless I sell out at AFTM (wishful thinking!)

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