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Monday, August 19, 2013


Amazing....that I can go from artistic drought to downpours in a matter of days!  I guess this is really part of my modus operandi.  I am, of course, pleased that "stuck" mode is over, but now I can't seem to find enough hours in the day to create all the things I have in my brain.  And I am trying desperately to utilize materials on hand - yarns, ribbons, vintage and other jewelry, roving, small pieces of silk from my upcycle scarf era, etc.

I seem to manage to save everything, and eventually, I also seem to be able to put many of the materials to good use.  Fits well with my philosophy to never get rid of anything.  Also makes for an overflowing studio space that also doubles as a guest room.  Fortunately we have another guest room, so unless the whole family descends upon us, I am safe up there.  But every so often, the disorder - or is that dis-order?) gets to me and requires a major re-organization and toss!  OH.....that is so hard for me!

I have also been trashing!  Now that sounds like I'm getting rid of stuff.  You would be wrong about that!  Trashing in my mind means foraging in the local vintage, thrift, and consignment shops.  What do I look for?  Long, oblong silk scarves for felt-tipping; funky, chunky, clunky earrings and pins to adorn my knitted/crocheted neckwraps; fine, soft, leather belts to embellish with bits and pieces of leather, suede, and silk, and whatever!  I must confess that I also shop for MY clothes!  And OFTEN I find irresistible items.  My latest: an interesting swirl skirt in crinkled beige cotton, a fabulous belt that matches it perfectly, and a VERY funky denim skirt with all kinds of artsy, fartsy trims on it.  Total cost: $12 at Goodwill.  OK, so that secret is out!

Most people probably do know that I almost always am dressed in someone else's clothes.  I'm not ashamed of that; on the contrary, I get many compliments about my outfits.  I am so proud when I can say that everything (or almost everything) I have on is from a thrift or consignment store somewhere.  It is my passion to visit these types of shops, both locally and wherever I travel.  It is indeed rare that I don't come back home with more clothes than I initially brought.  Thanks to mom for that ability to see beauty in someone else's hand-me-downs.  It also eases the stress of having to justify my purchases - I get lots for not a lot of money!

So scattered thoughout this post are photos of some of the neckwraps I've recently made.  Thanks for reading and viewing.  All my photos are housed on flickr, so drop by for a visit.

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