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Thursday, March 21, 2013

When you can't knit right, then crochet!

OK, so I've settled my mind about the "right" vs "wrong" way to knit!  So I'm taking a break from knitting altogether and doing some crochet instead.  And I've developed a new scarf style for Spring/Summer!  It creates an very openwork pattern, almost like fish-netting.  

So far I've made two of them, using all-cotton yarn/ribbon and then adding Hanna silk ribbons or other ribbon yarns as fringe (but not the usual pattern of fringe!)  The effect is interesting, light-weight, fun, and funky.
Because the scarf is long, there are many possibilities for wearing around the  neck, waist, only by your imagination.  Here are some photos of the two that are finished.

See them all on flickr!

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