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Monday, March 25, 2013

Noro Daria

I don't even know where/when I happened to get so much Noro Daria yarn, but no doubt I looked at it and thought it was rather interesting.  Little did I know that there were limited options for its use.  It's got a beautiful shine and depth of colors (although the color combos are a little odd!), but it's like cord - stiff and unyielding.  I've used some of it in the past - to make a bag and then some delicate freeform necklaces.  Determined to use up stash yarns, I've created some new necklaces that are a little different, but as you can see, they remain similar.

Here are new versions (left) and old (right)!*

Frankly, I don't know what happened to some of the earlier ones, because they are mostly not marked "SOLD" in my flickr photo files.  I guess I'd better do a search for them.  Or perhaps I gifted or donated them.  However I normality indicate that too if that's the case.

New (left) and two older versions (right)    

Now I know why I have so much of this stuff left - even though I really don't remember buying it in the first place!  How many freeform crochet necklaces can one make?  I did make one bag from it a long time ago, and it did sell.  Here it is....shall I try again?

*Don't you love it when the preview and post page look totally different from the original?  Sorry about the confusing photos - too difficult to try to rearrange them now!  Sorry!  For the most part, the newer photos are better than the older ones.


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