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Saturday, February 02, 2013

It's been a long time!

I've neglected this blog in favor of another recently.  As life takes turns, so must the focus of life (and blogs too, as it were!)  We've been in MA attending to our daughter who underwent cataract surgery last week.  I've reported the causes and results in my other blog devoted to my journey with two daughters with Usher Syndrome.  It's called "in our hoUSe," which documents the facts and feelings about this condition that causes progressive vision and hearing loss.  If interested,  feel free to follow my journey via that blog.  It's an inherited condition that results from a recessive gene from both parents, although there is NO history of this in either family.

In the meantime, with a good deal of distraction in anticipation of her surgery - which is indeed far more risky for people with Retinitis Pigmentosa (the vision part of Usher) - I managed to knit my way (most of the way and NOT while I was driving!) from NC to MA.  The resulting scarf is probably the biggest scarf I've ever knitted, naturally called The Great Scarf - in natural color!  Love the little bumps of roving periodically throughout this yarn.  It's very wide and very long, but heavenly soft!

And of course I managed to visit my favorite three yarn shops and one consignment shop while there.  I was a good girl and actually bought very little yarn.  Like I need any at all.  But my new favorite there, The Fiber Loft, has a whole discount room upstairs that I just LOVE to pour through to find the treasures.  I DID!!!  Here is a felted bag I just finished this week using two partial skeins from their bargain bin!

The Dijon Sassy Sac!

Now I'm back to experimenting with some new styles and returning to some old styles.  Stay tuned for updates on both blogs!

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