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Friday, May 04, 2012

The Felting Saga - Part III

Had to try Wonder Washer again!  This time, I tried a few different tricks.....not knowing what the result would be.  Here is the knitted bag BEFORE the start of the felting process- about 10" x 10."  It's mostly knit with crocheted flap edging and strap. First problem.....I ran out of the teal-colored yarn, so I had to improvise to complete the bag!

I normally leave all the cut ends of the yarn hanging out during felting.  Once felted, they (usually) can be simply cut off, leaving no trace of the cut.  I like to leave them on - especially at the corners, so I can pull on them to reshape the bag.

I placed the bag in a small pillowcase (I cut it down from a standard pillowcase), added hot water and then additional microwaved water, and a small amount of Woolite to the Wonder Washer tub.  I set it to agitating and pulled it out of the water to view the progress about every 6 minutes.  Nothing much seemed to be happening for about the first 15 minutes.  So I added two tennis balls (with holes drilled through).  Next check....some of the rubber from inside the tennis balls had seeped out from within, and there were tiny pieces of rubber merged into and through some of the felt.  In addition, parts of the bag were felting to itself, and other parts were unevenly felting.  OMG!!!  Another disaster, maybe!!!!

I removed the tennis balls and added instead two hard rubber balls that belong to our dog, Griff.  They each have 2 large holes so they bumped around suitable, I think!  I also scrapped the pillowcase bag and resorted to the mesh lingerie bag! The heck with loose fibers!  I need this process to work seamlessly - both literally AND figuratively!  After what seemed like an eternity and the addition of more microwaved hot water, the bag emerged, looking like this:

It is now about 7" x 8," so it has definitely shrunk, but the felting seems uneven to me.  It's not a perfect process or product, and I am discouraged since this type of felting has been such fun, such a pleasure, with occasion surprises.

OK, so NOW I am too disgusted to write my tips and strategies for felting with the Wonder Washer.  I promise to do that.....tomorrow maybe....along with photos of the final result - which I think will get some needle felting of yarn, roving, and pieces of silk.  Stay tuned for the final product!

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