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Friday, May 04, 2012

The Felting Saga - Part II

Please read part one here for a bit of background on this felting fiasco!  

So it became obvious that I needed to find/develop some product or technique for felting knitted pieces that WOULD work for me - or abandon that aspect of my felting career for good!  I am fascinated by felting and "felt" unwilling to give it up.  Back to Google and lots more research on various knitting forums, Amazon, You Tube, and more!  Anything that could possibly help me arrive at a competent felting process without enormous physical labor on my part.

Enter Wonder Washer!  Yes, it's one of those products "SEEN ON TV!"  I had never seen it, however!  It got so-so reviews on - but those were from apartment dwellers and singles who wanted something in which to wash their clothes! NOT!!! I have a brand new washing machine for that purpose!  I needed to look much further and deeper to find reviews from actual felters!  And I did!

There are actually two kinds of portable, countertop washers: one is manual, the other electric.  I opted for the electric model at around $45 (including shipping!) from  Now mind you, it doesn't add water; it doesn't heat the water, it doesn't rinse; it doesn't spin, and it doesn't empty itself!  But it DOES felt!

It's a cute, little contraption that I put into my sink, heated water in the microwave, added (too much) Woollite, and three tennis balls with holes drilled into them, and then added the newly knitted bag in a pillowcase.  And I let her rip!  You can open the lid, turn it on and off, add water, peek at the progress, rearrange the bag within the pillowcase, and lo and behind, it felted! Maybe too much!  And maybe a bit unevenly!  B U felted!  

Included here are some before and after photos:

Stay tuned tomorrow for TIPS for FELTERS USING the WONDER WASHER!

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Chrissie Marshall said...

I admire your patience at trying to master this and master it you will, if I know you. Bag looks pretty good to me, and I wish I could try this technique and maybe one day I will. I await your next post

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