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Friday, May 25, 2012

Another Attempt at Felting!

Now I'm more confused than ever!  I decided to use my old stand-by (and completely reliable) Lamb's Pride Bulky to felt another bag, determined to try the new washing machine yet again.  I noticed something on the controls that I misunderstood on my earlier attempts:  a PAUSE button!

I misread the fine print!  You can use this button to pause the can hold it for THREE seconds to cancel the cycle.  I had canceled the cycle in the past, so of course, when I restarted, it just proceeded to add more water to the contents.  That messed me up entirely. So I got this yarn on Ravelry, paid a very reasonable price for it, and decided that there has to be a way to felt in this new machine, using ONE wool at a time, and one that I know and love!

The tricky part of all this is that I have two events in the early Fall that require "dressing up!"  We never go any dress-up places, so I thought a new/old/recycled dress might be in order.  Of course, I first shopped in my own "dress-up" closet, finding several options.  One had been worn once, but it didn't fit right, realizing that the lining seams showed through and the back was too long on this short-waisted body.  The other, years later still with tags on it from  Chadwicks of Boston via Building 19 and a $9.99 price tag, fit but was entirely too long.  Both needed alterations! OR a shopping spree!

And these events include a VERY BIG high school class reunion!  That's another story, but ultimately I've decided to go, for it would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, never to be repeated.  One MUST look  EXCELLENT for such an event, right?

First stop: Clothes Mentor, a relatively new consignment store in my area.  And there I found the perfect dress!  I LOVE the color - a plummy brown tea-length, v-neck, satin and chiffon.  It fit!  Perfectly!  And the price was exceedingly right ($18.00) and no alterations.  Knowing that I had to accessorize with my own knitwear, I first made some felt pieces, not knowing precisely what I'd do with them, and thought about a shawl or Schroodle or something to throw over my shoulders.  Still working on that!

The bag was felted in the new washing machine AND Wonder Washer!  Would it have worked solely in the machine?  Still don't know!  Did it felt properly?  Yes!  I was able to check it frequently using the "Pause" feature and adding boiling water to the tub (manual says the water will NOT be as hot as in earlier washers!).  When it seemed not to be shrinking quite enough, I threw it into the Wonder Washer with two of the dog's hard rubber balls constructed with two large holes in each.  Several minutes later.....good results!

Only problem this time....I knitted the bag too big for an evening bag.  And now, I've needle-felted a piece of nuno felt onto the flap and back, and it just seems too big.  GRRR!!!!  When will felting ever be just a simple process?  My options: cut it and sew the bottom.  Make a new, smaller one.  Make a new piece of nuno for a smaller bag.  Remove the nuno felt from the current bag and use it on a smaller one.
Go buy a bag.  Use one I have!

OK, so I just realized that if I can create a gusset in the bottom of the bag, it will work!  Running to research how to make a gusset!

Good thing I have several months still to resolve all this!  The shawl/Schroodle is another story!  To be continued...............!

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