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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Surprised, Gratified, Happy

A new record!  I'm surprised by this - a new sales record, that is! I have never had such sales in one month's time!  I'm gratified by this - so pleased that it will cover my travel expenses in France (when those bills come in after I return :-)  I'm happy, of course!  Doing the HAPPY DANCE!!!  And the month is not over yet!

So what accounts for this?

  • Not Hurricane Irene, when our gallery (Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts - new website launches on 9/27) was closed for more than a day during the storm - and on a Saturday to boot! Sunday was slow as everyone was doing the clean-up.
  • Cooler weather?  Perhaps this is making people think Fall and Winter!  That's always good for my sales.  And holidays?  My work is well-suited to cooler weather, and even though we now live in the South, our tourist traffic is from all over the country and world!
  • New styles? Perhaps. I've been experimenting with variations on older styles of mine and use of recycled materials, new materials (for me), and a commitment to work off (some of) my stash.
  • Wholesale inquiries?  Yes, but very limited and they don't always pan out.
  • Rayon Ribbons?  Thanks to Karen and Judi & Co., I've developed (or redeveloped) styles that highlight the ribbons from this company in the Cascade and Loopy original designs.    
  • Winter's Fringe Scarves - they seem to be the "rage!"  I LOVE creating them too, so that's a plus.  During my trip to New England, I'm looking forward to finding some very specific yarns to continue making these. 
  • Felted Bags?  Maybe!   
Whatever the reason for this uptick in sales - for me and for Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts as a whole (it's the only 3-D gallery of local art and fine crafts in the Wilmington NC area) - we are indeed very pleased!

Want to see more of Scarf It Up's creations - the whole inventory is on flickr.  See specific sets if you wish to view all work in specific styles.  

As FYI, I've been invited to participate in a home show - not at my house this year - but at the home of a friend of a friend.  My artist friend makes simply stunning beaded jewelry.  Keep the date in mind - November 10 - more info coming soon.

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