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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A NEW Website for Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts

Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts has been in existence since 2007, and I've been a part of it since the beginning.  We've maintained our members at around 20 - with some changes along the way - and we've happily experienced continued growth of our sales each month and year.  It's been a very gratifying experience for all of us.

I pushed for a presence on the Internet, marketing through Facebook, Constant Contact, and for the establishment of a PCPFC blog, all of which I offered to manage, write, and maintain.  ALL of these things have now come to fruition, with the launch TODAY of our brand new website.  Thanks to the efforts of Melanie Heinrich, one of our member artists, we now have a professional website with the look and feel of a gallery of artists and artisans: PORT CITY POTTERY & FINE CRAFTS!  

Visit our gallery and our website to see the work of our 19 local artists in clay, fiber, jewelry, wood, sculpture, gourds, baskets, and other 3-dimensional art.  We are the ONLY gallery of such artwork in Wilmington!

Of course, when one pushes for something, it's often the case that you get yourself assigned to DO it.  So I ended up with the task(s) of managing all of the above.  For the new website, I worked with Melanie to design the theme and color scheme, to edit all content, and to "pull teeth" to acquire the necessary elements from all our member artists.  This meant having them develop their keywords, write their bios, and submit photos of their work in the form and format that Melanie required.  She conducted a workshop to help us develop the skills of effective photography.  I edited all content submitted and passed it along to Melanie.  I was the gatekeeper and the time manager, nagging, cajoling, bribing, and diligently working out the kinks, to result in a product to be proud of!  The new website is LIVE!!!  And we are indeed proud of the efforts of all our members!

So....this brings us to completion of our marketing plans for now.  Pat Hart, one of our potter-owners, effectively manages all the advertising for the gallery.  I'm working hard to manage our FB, blog, and Constant Contact Newsletters.  See this link for our current newsletter!

And the other good news is that we've had a banner month in sales!  And me too!  Hope you'll all come to visit real soon - at the best location in town - The Cotton Exchange - in beautiful downtown Wilmington, NC!

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