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Friday, May 06, 2011

Another Carpal Tunnel Story!

I've put this off for 35 YEARS!!!  And I've contributed to it vastly - by knitting, crocheting, felting, tennis, and just plain living!  Two years ago I had my left hand "fixed!" One year ago I needed surgery again on my left hand - this time for trigger thumb that developed as a function of the CT surgery.  And now....on May 18 (3 days after the USTA tennis season ends!), I'm FINALLY doing my right hand.  Not happily, mind you!  But I think I've delayed long enough.

According to the PA I saw in my ortho's office yesterday for pre-op, there is considerable atrophy occurring in the muscle on this hand, evidenced by a flattening of the bulge normally seen at the base of the thumb and on that side of the hand.  Anyone who's really interested in the rest of the symptoms can contact me or do their research online.  There is plenty of info out there.

In the mid-70s, I first had the EMG studies to determine CT.  So.....I think I've experienced a good number of years - and MANY nighttime braces to manage the numbness and pain.  I do recommend the Tek-Zone brace - it has worked for many years.  So considering the prolific nature of my fiber arts production, I feel quite blessed with having put this off for so long.


I KNOW I'll be back to knitting and crocheting quickly - as I did before.  This time it's the sacrifice of tennis, due mostly to the wound in the palm of the hand that needs to stay clean, dry, and unfettered while it heals.  Since you HAVE to use your fingers (part of the self-therapy), this surgery will impact my arts production only for about a week (or maybe less!)


While recovering from this surgery, and while exempted from tennis for 4 - 6 weeks, I'm also going to have cataract surgery in June.  THAT is another story of non-success, but that can keep for another time. the time all is healed (end of June), I'll be back on the courts and back in the course of full-time fiber arts output (I hope!)

In the meantime, I've been creating and creating, designing and thinking.  Scattered here are some photos of recent work!  Enjoy!


fabriquefantastique said...

lots of luck, I'm sure you will be just fine.
two years ago I fell and cut my left hand...lots of stitches including 4 in the index finger, I'm sure they sewed up the tendons! However, I now find I knit in a rather different fashion, but I still knit...

Sheep Rustler said...

Lots of luck and I hope both lots of surgery are successful and have a quick recovery period :) Can't have you on the sick list for too long!

Scarf It Up! said...

Thank you both for your comments and good wishes. I'm ready for this and am eager to get it over with. I know I'll be back to all my normal activities within 4 - 6 weeks (knitting and crocheting sooner than tennis!)

scarf rings said...

These are pretty! Oh my!

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