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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Swimming and Brimming with Ideas!

Silk & Ribbon Earrings
Silk & Ribbon Earrings

My head is spinning and bursting!  Am I sick?  Oh, I don't think so!  Just overwhelmed with ideas, ideas, ideas for creating new things!  I imagine most people who design art, or clothing, or accessories, or interiors, or whatever..........experience this as well.  At least I hope so!  Sleep is at a premium because as soon as I wake up, the head starts going and that's it!  I'm up!  Today I slept until 6, and that was a treat!

Bead, Button, Copper, Ceramic Brooch

Yesterday I came to the realization that I HAD to clean up my studio before doing another thing.  Because the newest ideas involve collections of vintage silk scarves and other silky materials for hooking, sewing, buttons, etc., I found that every inch of floor and other space in the studio was covered.  I found I had to inch my way through the forest of STUFF everywhere.  And I HAD to find storage space.  So I spent hours up there re-arranging stash - oh not the yarn stash - but every other stash (fabric, findings, notions, plastic bags saved from the millennium for some reason, knitting needles, drawers, the donated and thrift-foraged scarves and lingerie, etc.)  I should have taken before and after photos, but alas, I was embarrassed.  I kept telling DH and the dog to stay away.

Rug Bud Bag II
So now.....the studio (which also serves as sometimes guest room) has a floor, a couch, beds that are actually visible, fewer pieces of fabric and plastic bags, and CLEAN bedding and carpeting!  It took the entire afternoon, but it settles my mind and body a bit.  I have no knowledge of family coming anytime soon (too bad, because it won't stay this way for long!)  But I am now ready to embark on the next ideas.

Rug Bud Bag 
However, because of my frantic creating in the last couple of weeks, I've neglected the remainder of the house, my once-a-month adorable and efficient housecleaner has decided to go back to school, and so now I have to CLEAN the house today!

Nuno Felted Brooch

And it's my birthday weekend!  UGH!!! I can't decide what I hate more - cleaning or birthdays!  Probably cleaning because it happens more often than once a year - or at least it SHOULD! LOL!!!  Scattered throughout the house and my head - and now here - are photos of recent ideas!  Enjoy!


Scarf rings said...

I am looking forward for your scarf collections. I feel you. It is terrific. :3 As you collect scarves, don’t forget to get some scarf rings too.

Krishenka said...

Hello I have just followed your blog and hope we can keep in touch I love your work and know what you mean about ideas. Sometimes I have so many things I want to do and run around and finish some and abandon others. But I kinda like that. Keep up the great work

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