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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Angel Scarflette PATTERN Now Available!

Rustic Angel Scarflette
Patterns are not really my thing.....either to use or write!  However, I am asked all the time how I make certain items.  And while I am sometimes reluctant to give away my secrets, I am always flattered when someone asks.  And because my designs are usually quite freeform and unreproducible (even for myself!), I decided to give a try to writing my own patterns.  NOT EASY!!!! And NOT for everyone!

Silk Garden PLUS Angel Scarflette
My patterns are more like recipes - or at least recipes that I use or try.  I rarely measure anything; I often add ingredients; and I feel free to alter the plan according to what I have on hand.  And so it is with patterns.  I bought a pattern book (VERY rare for me!) while in Scottsdale that includes a sweater I adore.  It's got to be almost 50 years since I've knitted a sweater!  The booklet includes other lovely designs from Feza, and in fact, just now I'm experimenting with a part of one pattern that's for a shawl with sleeves, but I'm making it a scarf!  I know.......I just can't seem to use patterns appropriately!  EVER!

Moody Blues Cachecol
But I digress!  By popular request, I have developed a new pattern for Angel Scarflettes.   This follows my first pattern for Cachecols which have been hugely popular, both in finished form and as a pattern! See a collection of cachecols here!  But my patterns are truly not for everyone.  There are no specific directions for making something that looks EXACTLY like the photos.  They are not for those who like very definitive, delineated instructions with a gauge, exact measurements, or even yarn selections.

In each case, I've had pattern-testers try my designs with excellent results.  I alert anyone considering the purchase of my patterns of the rather loosely devised "recipe"and photos of various results so there are no surprises for the purchaser.  I have had no complaints - so far anyway!  I thank my local and online friends for being my guinea pigs:  Joan, Carol, Ginny, and Gini!

Snowy Cachecol

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