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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Scarf It Up! Trunk Show Open House

I've written about home shows before, and I even hosted one myself about 3 - 4 years ago.  If you'd like to read about HOW to do it, an article was recently published in the inaugural issue of Spool Magazine. I know I've also posted on this blog about home shows.  It was time to try another - and so I invited two fellow fiber artists, Rebecca Yeomans (knitted jewelry) and Carol Langer (tapestry handbags) and included my husband's pottery, and my daughter's beaded jewelry.  It was a welcoming array of items to please everyone's tastes.  

It's time I posted about the success of last week's Scarf It Up! Trunk Show Open House!  Two beautiful days with no parking issues (as anticipated), FIVE artists with beautiful work, good traffic, and lots of sales - what could be better?

I'm blessed with a home that has a fairly open floor plan, excellent light sources, flow, and space for a show.  There was adequate room for all of us to show our work, circulate with the crowd, and give personal attention to those who needed it.

I set up in stages - beginning days before the show - so my work was everywhere!  I made use of tables, counter tops, door hinges, furniture, the piano, grids, busts, mannequins, and more.  I've written recently here about using recycled materials for displays.  Becky did the same!  Here are some photos from our show:
The entry with Wrapsodies and Shawls
The piano (it's in the dining room) displaying Jan Wutkowski's hats from aMuse
Artisanal Finery, my felted brooches, collars, and mini-wreaths

The dining room table with neckwraps, hammered shawl pins,
chokers, and felted bags

The hutch cabinet in the dining room with summery shawls, loopies, and frillies
A garden element displaying a variety of cachecols and angel scarflettes
in the dining room

The dining room table with Rebecca Yeoman's necklaces
in the foreground
An array of Bloomin' Neck Gardens
in the kitchen

A nuno felted scarf, felted buttons, silk and ribbon buttons, and a display of holiday reds
on a kitchen countertop

UGH!  I missed a photo of the other side of the countertop above with a mannequin, a Becky Yeoman's gnome display, and lots of other goodies hanging from the microwave cabinet!


Shawls and bags on a display rack between the kitchen and family room

Part of my Bargain Bin

My daughter's beaded jewelry on mantle in family room

 Beaded Creations' jewelry by Andrea Williams on bookcase cabinet with 
a few of my felted brooches

Long scarves on display grid in hallway to porch
Loopies and Frillies in hallway and on master bedroom door

Amazing knitted jewelry (necklaces and earrings) by Rebecca Yeomans in living room

Rebecca Yeoman jewelry on desk in living room

One of THREE displays of Carol Langer's tapestery bags - this one
is in the living room; another was in the middle of the family room, and another
the office area

Tony Giordano's (my husband's) pottery in living room

AND I THINK THAT'S IT!  I have missed some displays, but I think you get the idea!

We all worked extremely hard to make this show work.  We gave door prizes each day, so eight lucky winners were very pleased to have come by.  No purchase was required to be a winner!  We didn't quite get the traffic we had hoped for, but the bottom line was amazing!  Everyone was happy!  A good end to this story!

I'm happy to say that I inspired Patt Sheldon to use her whole house for a recent show.  Read about it and see photos here.


Scarf said...

Wow! I would have loved to have gone to that open house! You have so many scarves on display. Your red scarf collection is so pretty!

Scarf It Up! said...

Thanks again, Scarf! I could invite you if I knew who and where you are.

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