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Monday, November 29, 2010

And More Recycling!

Always looking for unique ways to display my work, and always frustrated by NO perfect solution, I do the following:
  • I look in thrift, consignment, and antique shops for unusual pieces (and CHEAP!) to re-use, recycle, upcycle, whatever the current PC term is!
  • Whenever I go to a show - such as Art for the Masses last Saturday - I look at how others display their work - seeking unique examples of recycled display material.
  • I search around my house for kitchen, bathroom, garage, studio, other items that might be used for displays
  • I look through dollar stores, craft stores, hardware stores, etc. for items to repurpose.
And I often come up with weird items and strange ways to use these pieces.  Here are some examples:

Here is what I think is a vintage magazine rack in wrought iron, found at a consignment shop in North Kingstown, RI - for $1.

Turned on its side, it became the rack/display for all my new buttons - both felted and the newest ribbon and silk ones, AND some of the clip-on felted brooches.

This is a kitchen cabinet riser for dishes  (I think!)  My husband thinks it was intended to hold pot lids or platters upright.   I found it in my garage.  I spray-painted it black and will use it for my hammered shawl pins or the felted brooches or both - not quite sure yet.  

I've used garden trellises, baskets, lots of wrought iron paraphernalia, as well as materials intended for display purposes, like retail grids, busts, and racks.  I've used acrylic risers (upside down or on their sides, photo frames laid down on their backs, boxes, closet hooks, rings, mirrors - anything that has lots of potential for displays.  I think it usually doesn't pay to BUY displays - unless they are at thrift shops, junk shops, dollar stores, or odd lots.  Here in Wilmington NC, Roses and Big Lots often have storage and space-saving devices that have many possibilities.

I bought a garden idol - not at all sure what it is - at another consignment store - spray-painted it black, and now it's holding my knitted purses and hangers with scarves.  So this:  

...becomes this!  

or this!  

There are so many ways to display your work without the use of busts and mannequins.  I guess I've become more creative in displays because I've had to.  The best is when you are working with others who are willing to try your ideas or enhance them.  

My motto:  whatever works for YOU!

More ideas next week with photos from my Scarf It Up! Trunk Show!


Patt with 2 T's said...

I'm right there with you, Louise! I just bought a coat rack at the local furniture recycled place to use for display--I needed something for my cocoon jackets on hangers that will either stand on its own or it can be unscrewed and shortened to put on a table.
I also go to Ross for ideas--large wire 'vases' for earrings. I have one picture which I'll post to FB. I have 2 of them, so filled one with green tissue and made a 'tree' for knitted ornaments.
Oh, and I used to use 3 trellises velcroed together in a triangular shape--they work really well for scarves! They'd be great for your work since you can also use hangers on them.
Glad to hear someone else likes to use creative recycling for displays.

Scarf It Up! said...

Thanks for your ideas, Patt! Great ideas! Happy recycling!

Scarf It Up! said...

Watch for the next installment - bc one of the other artists showing at my home this week has some amazing ways to recycle!

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