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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Big BD and Collar Me!

The BIG BD!!!!!

Another crazy week!  It started with a trip to Savannah to celebrate my DH's BIG birthday.  It's the first time in at least two years that we've gone away anywhere together!  I am grateful that he's healthy enough and comfortable enough to let me travel (which I've done a few times alone since last March), but obviously he feels safe now to leave his home base and his doctors.  And a good time was had in Savannah and Beaufort, SC.

We visited SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) and had a personal tour of the Fibers Department.  I LOVED it and for the first time in my life really wanted to go back to school - for yet another degree.  Missed my calling and my chance for an art degree - but it was inspiring nonetheless.

And my DH DROVE!!!  He drives every day, but hasn't done any significant highway driving in probably three years.  It's put the burden on me and also seriously cut into my knit time.  On the way down (5+ hours), he probably drove 4 hours.  For some reason I couldn't keep my eyes open.  If you've ever experienced that feeling, then you know that you simply can't continue to drive.  So I slept and knitted - except for about an hour.  And he drove much of the way home - so this was a welcome change, indicative of how well he feels.  The last ablation seems to have changed him!  Thank God for that!  

I think he thought he would never reach this age, considering all the health problems that have plagued him for years.  And what he didn't know is that once we came home, both our daughters and family were coming to surprise him for the weekend.  And they did!  (Both come AND surprised him!)  We had a wonderful weekend with the family!


Reverting to a style I developed a few years ago, but taking a new stab at design, focusing on texture and color combos that I might not have tried before, I've made three collars this week and am very pleased with the results.

As usual, they are composed of many different yarns and fibers: ribbon, novelty, eyelash, wool, blends, think and thin, metallics, etc. in a variety of tones, textures, shades, and variations.  They are completed with lots of fringe from all the various fibers and a large button, either ceramic, vintage, or new but funky. For additional views, please view my Facebook albums.  Here are some preview pix (the third collar will be added later - once it's finished!)

Unnamed (so far) Collar

Sedona Collar

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Butterfly Works said...

So glad you and your hubby were able to get away for the wonderful it is that he is doing so much better....

This new collar design is great.
I have a question for you. Since you use so many different yarns, ribbons, etc in your pieces I'd love to know how you store your yarn so that you can get to it quickly for your projects. I know from past experience, when I was using several yarns from my stash, I would have to look and look to find the right color you have a quick way of doing this?


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