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Monday, October 18, 2010

TWO Wrapsodies SOLD last week!

This is such exciting news for me!  And both were ones I personally sold while working at Artistry's Southport Women's Club Fashion Show event in Southport, NC and at Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts in The Cotton Exchange in Wilmington.  This doesn't surprise me at all - and it's not to say that others can't sell these (although no one else has so far!) - but I created them and I am the one who can REALLY show HOW they can be worn.

Parisian Nigh Skies Wrapsody
Sold at Artistry in Southport NC

Wrapsodies have about a dozen possible ways to wear!  Photos and drawings and telling about how they can be worn helps, but it works best to actually wear one myself (which I did on Saturday at PCP&FC) and then actually demo it on the prospective buyer in as many ways as she allows.  I was wearing Wrapsody in Blue - my first one.

Wrapsody in Blue - formerly called
Blue Amorphous Thing - before finding its final name!

Wrapsody in Taupe
Sold at Port City Pottery
in The Cotton Exchange, Wilmington NC
The lovely lady from PA who bought the taupe one asked for my cards - because she's going to Sante Fe in November, wants to wear her new Wrapsody, and wants to be able to give out my business cards to all her friends who will no doubt "ooh and aah all over the place!"  I am indeed immensely flattered, and of course, I shared a bunch of my Scarf It Up! business cards. 


Gi at Pashmina Shawl said...

I like the Blue Wrapsody, very cool to the eyes. This will go nicely with Christmas clothes.
Congratulations on that sale :)

Scarf It Up! said...

Thanks, Gi! I made the blue one for ME - to wear with jeans - all colors of blue! I did make another blue one: and it's currently at Artistry in Southport, NC:

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