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Sunday, October 03, 2010

B O S T O N ! ! !

I LOVE CITIES!  And I had the chance to go to Boston this past week to accompany my daughter on a medical appointment.  Four hours later, we emerged from Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary (story another time), needing a drink, a soft seat, and a quick bite before the theater.  A stroll down Newbury Street and dinner at Tapeo had to be scrapped - never thought we'd be at the hospital so long.

So we strolled along Charles Street, passing the courtyard of The Liberty Hotel where we noticed these SOFT, white sofas studded with large golden yellow pillows.  Just what the bottom needed on this glorious warm late afternoon - soft seating after hours in hard chairs.  So we worked our way through the gorgeous lobby to The Yard, moving past several smart, sexy restaurants and bars.  We entered The Yard (and the photo in this link must have been taken BEFORE they outfitted it with the white sofas!), checked that they served food as well as drink, which they did, and were advised that this was "Yappier Hour" at The Yard.

Yappier Hour???  It's happy hour with your dog!  Well, we both love dogs, so this was the PERFECT diversion we needed after an intense day of travel by commuter rail and MBTA, hours of meetings, and interesting and provocative outcomes.  So we sought out one of those cushy couches!  But YIKES.....they are made of molded PLASTIC.  Well, of course!!!  DUH!!!!

We sat and watched the crowd (dogs and their humans) grow from two to probably 20+ dogs and assorted people!  It was absolutely adorable, fun, funny, and precisely what we needed.....LAUGHTER!!!!  A very nice gentleman asked to sit with us - too bad we didn't get more than his name (William Grotte - or something like that) and his dog's (Fenway) and a few other details (Cornell grad, divorced, lives around the corner, lifelong Boston resident).  He was so nice, and graciously advised us on the best way to get to the Wilbur Theatre by MBTA.  Perfect directions, perfect timing, and perfect evening of song.  The Canadian Tenors were amazing, and their opening act, Due Voci were exceptional.

We made it back to North Station (via subway) and caught the Commuter Rail back to Littleton, where our car relievedly awaited us.  A full day - full of life and love!  Thanks, Roberta!

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Sheep Rustler said...

Yappier Hour! What a fantastic concept! And I;m glad you spend happy time with your daughter, that is always fun :)

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