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Saturday, August 28, 2010

What Was I Thinking?


The Grey Ruffled Wonder!
This is an example of using only two fibers together.  The non-traditional in me is in the design - completely freeform knit AND crochet!

As I reread the post from yesterday, I had the profound experience of wondering what yarn shop owners/proprietors must think of someone like me when I enter their stores.  For me it's natural to only look at sale yarn (or anything else for that matter!  Thanks, Mom!  I've been "green" for as long as I can remember, recycling clothing, shoes, furniture, fabric - you name it!  I'm an original frugal fanny!  And I NEVER buy multiples of yarn.

So for me there's no problem in surfing the net, going first (and ONLY!) to the sales sections of just about any store, virtually or in reality.  When it comes to yarn, well, I think any shop owner would wonder what the heck I do with all these singletons, mismatched colors, shades, textures, weights, etc.  They don't know me most times, because I shop wherever I travel and most likely never return.  They don't know my work, my style, my passions.  And frankly, unless they ask about my work, I often don't share.  If asked, I gladly share my business card, and if they're interested, they can go look me up.

I don't do traditional work in knit or crochet - no twos (gloves, mittens, socks, sleeves!).  I long ago graduated from the traditional scarf from whence I started.  But I do still make some use of those novelty yarns that got us all intrigued about 8 - 10 years ago.  And they still live within my stash, where I secretly covet them and sparingly use them.  I don't do symmetrical; I don't do normal knitting.  I guess that's what sets me apart and keeps me from being a part of regular knitting groups, Stitch and Bitch groups, the groups that hang out at yarn shops.  I never feel like I fit in.  And yet, it's the non-traditional that keeps me going.  And perhaps it is the non-traditional that has provided me with a following of loyal customers.

So that's my musing of the day:  Be original - in thought, word, and deed, and most assuredly in the artistic realm.  Don't be afraid to try something in yarn - in knit or crochet - or both.

TODAY I get to start on the custom order for a Wrapsody in orange, purple, and red - not my favorite color combos.  My customer sent me paint chips of her color selections - I still can't get over what a fabulous idea that is!  I poured through my stash and came up with a HUGE bag of yarns.  Custom orders always make me a little nervous - will she like it?  will it do?  are the colors OK?  do they work in combination?  have I combined them in an appealing way?  But I WILL start it today as I work at Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts and I will take it with me to Duke on Monday where my DH is undergoing yet another cardiac procedure.

Here's the yarn and paint chips:



Butterfly Works said...

I love your takes courage and spunk to reach deep inside and bring out the "neverbefore".......

I wish I could be more like that...I always change patterns alittle but always been hesitate to just strike out on my own and do whatever comes up from the inside....that voice of "wasting time" starts to shout and I go back to the comfort zone.....
I think I will take heed from you and just start knitting and see what happens...afterall, there are no mistakes in art,right?

I am sorry that you DH is having more surgery. My thoughts and prayers will be with you both...It looks like you have some colorful knittng to do while you wait....

Scarf It Up! said...

Thank you very much, Butterfly! NO mistakes in art, exactly! Enjoy the process - no worries.

I also appreciate your prayers. A little nervous about the procedure so all the prayers will help, I trust.

Go for it - venture WAY off the pattern first and then consider striking off in your own direction! Good luck - and do post results please.

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