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Monday, August 30, 2010

Aren't Blogging and FB Wonderful?

Well.....yes!  And amazing!  They can and do lead to so many interesting and supportive online friends.  I've learned so much from so many others.  And while we're waiting today for the call to Duke (sounds like the call to duty!) for yet another cardiac procedure for my DH, I thought I'd extol the positives of social networking and spotlight today's new FB friend!

Again....through the friendship of my online buddy, customer, inspiration, and more (Pam Kellogg of Kitty and Me Designs).....I've met Kelly Lamb, creator of Honest Nice Woman.  She has generously added a button from her blog to mine and is in the process of showing me how to add such buttons to my blog.  Pam is the one who showed me the way to add wallpaper to my blog and led me to websites to find appealing designs.

Please check out their blogs!  Pam is currently offering a give-away here of this little sewing art quilt.  You might also like to check out her Etsy shop where she and her mom and sister sell exquisite little items.


Carol said...

I am going to check out your new friend. I love the friendships I have developed over the web. Pam is a great woman that I have been glad to get to know too.

Pam Kellogg said...

Oh Louise, you're so sweet! Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my work. Hugs to you dear friend!

Scarf It Up! said...

Oh, Pam, of course you're welcome! I hope you're feeling better today!

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