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Thursday, June 03, 2010

A Triggerless Thumb! The "CLAW!"

Last July I had surgery to correct carpal tunnel in my left wrist.  It seemed like a successful surgery for several months, until I developed trigger thumb in that hand about four months later.  A cortisone shot and 3 weeks off from my fiber art seemed to do the trick - for another three months or so.  Not wanting to influx my system with more drugs, I opted to have the trigger surgically released YESTERDAY.  So  far, so good - except that I have this HUGE bandage on my hand, precluding any knitting or crocheting for a while.
The "CLAW!"

I can't knit!  I can't crochet!  BUT......I CAN type!

And I can read!  I read a book in two days, something I haven't done in many years!  It was wonderful - I highly recommend it: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See.

On Saturday the big bandage comes off and I should be able to return to most normal activities.  I am supposed to move my fingers - yes, I can - but the bandage itself prevents much movement of the thumb until then.  So I've entertained myself today with working on my two newsletters (one for Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts and the other for my Porters Neck community homeowners), catching up on phone calls, emails, looking at patterns and yarn, and finishing my book.

Before the surgery, I hurried to finish my last piece, Grey Shadows Stole, which started out to be a moebius shawl, but turned out too wide and too long to function as such.  Here are some photos of this piece.

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