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Saturday, June 05, 2010

A New Rising Fiber Artist: B.J. Berlo and Benderz

Almost serendipitously, I've had the good fortune to meet a fellow fiber artist visiting in Wilmington for a few days.  While at the Orange Street Arts Fest last Sunday, I ran into one of the exhibiting artists, Joan Croft-Jones, a delightful artist in her own right, who had just met this very interesting fiber artist from Venice F: BL Berlo.  Joan shared  BJ's email address, and so we emailed, phoned, and arranged to meet yesterday for lunch.  Well, delightful is far too understated for this encounter!

   BJ creates Benderz, a funky cloth-covered wire necklace (or bracelet) that is totally enchanting for me, with its completely reconfigurable form.  After many years as a quilter, I can just imagine BJ's stash of fabrics - to die/dye for!  Benderz are pieces of wire that have been encased in exciting fabric tubes - all different colors, all movable and reconfigurable.  WHAT FUN!!!!!  I HAD to buy two, one for me and one for a friend, but I really want to keep both of them.

Now....I rarely wear jewelry around my neck, except for my own creations.  But for these, I made an exception, and will even wear one this evening to a function we're attending.  Benderz are available in Wilmington at artichoke boutique in Chandlers Wharf.


The question is.........!  Which one should I give my friend?

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