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Sunday, May 16, 2010

FINALLY - A NEW Design from Scarf It Up!

Bloomin' Black & White Choker

I live in southeastern North Carolina!  It's HOT in the summer!  I design wearable fiber art for my own gratification, but also to sell.  That means constantly developing new styles that are attractive, wearable by many, regardless of age or stage of life, in an array of colors to match everyone's palette, and according to the most up-to-date trends in color, texture, and design.  I work hard at creating unique, OOAK, wearables in accessories and jewelry.  I do not make apparel, and I do NOT make two of anything (so that precludes gloves, mittens, socks, and leg-warmers!)

My gallery and boutique locations attract both locals and visitors to the area.  Many come South to escape the northern winters.  So I intentionally make warm and cold/cool weather items all year round.  However, I always find the Spring and Summer months to be the most challenging because many women find it too hot to wear ANYTHING around their necks.  So my challenge becomes designing something that's lightweight, colorful, fun, and funky for warm weather wear.    And I think I've done it.............!  You can decide for yourselves and offer any feedback you like!

Here is a new crop of Bloomin' Chokers.  ALL are available directly from me, on FB, Scarf It Up on FB, or Etsy.  Only the Bloomin' Hydrangea one is currently listed on Etsy.  Contact me if interested in any others or would like one made with custom colors.  ALL feature vintage buttons from my venerable stash from parents, grandparents, and others' long-ago generations.

  Bloomin' Hydrangea Choker

  Bloomin' Peachy Choker

Bloomin' Beige & Apricot Choker

  Bloomin' HOT Choker!

Bloomin' Lilacs Choker

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