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Saturday, April 17, 2010


Not sure why I am choosing to write right now, because I have a mob of neighbors coming over tonight for our monthly Snack & Chat.  It's easy, though, since everyone brings an appetizer or dessert and wine or whatever; we provide the home, paper goods, and a few nibbles.  But here I am.....sitting down between cleaning, arranging flowers, wiping down glasses, setting up,etc. because my back already hurts.  Must be fighting something, because frankly - everything hurts and I have a bit of laryngitis. NOT good!  I have another tennis match tomorrow, for which I need to be UP, Up, Up!

Anyway, it's been an interesting week!  Let's see.....I was out every night!  Too much!  Too old!  But it was fun - all of it.  Monday was my stitch group; Tuesday a birthday dinner for a friend; Wednesday my group of ladies from the YWCA - with whom I'm doing a career counseling series; Thursday a tennis match; yesterday, I worked all day at Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts.  WHEW!!! No wonder I'm wiped!  Hotter Pink Neck Garden

In between all that, I am very happy to say that I've sold two things (a Neck Garden and a Loopy) online, one through FB and the other through Ravelry, AND a Neck Garden while it was in progress yesterday at the gallery!  I was wearing one, and a woman came in (who has purchased from me before), loved the one I was wearing and adored the colors of the one in the works.  She paid for it and will return for it today, now that it's completed!  That's the way I like it!  I seem to draw attention when working there, wearing my work, and working on work!  We work only three days a month, so I always hope that others will wear my things and straighten out my displays so it doesn't look like "colorful roadkill" (to quote my DH!)

Another Teal Neck Garden

Blue Meadow Loopy Blue Meadow Loopy

I'm also working on the Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts newsletter, which needs to go out today or tomorrow.  It's almost ready - just needs to be proofed!  Since we are celebrating out 3rd anniversary on Friday, it needs to be timely.  We have a history in words and pictures - then and now; our featured artist for May, Dianne Masi (gourd and basket art), and the announcement of a new mixed media artist, Mary Beth Cook, whose work will utterly blow you away.  Sneak peek? Maybe!  Read on!  And....let's see.....!  I also manage the Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts FB page (as well as my own FB page and newsletter!)  You are most welcome to fan one or both of those pages!  And/or subscribe to my newsletter:

Mary Beth Cook

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