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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts Celebrates its THIRD Anniversary!

It's hard to believe, but THREE years have passed since the opening of Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts.  Thanks to the vision (and daring!) of several local women potters, we have this beautiful and very successful gallery (of NOT just pottery!) in a fabulous location in The Cotton Exchange in downtown Wilmington NC.  I think the planning and execution of their vision - and its success - are a tribute to these women.  From the beginning, there have been about 20 local artists in total (some have gone; new ones have been added).  There are - besides clay artists - others who work in fiber, gourds, pine needles, metals, mixed media, etc.  All live and work in the Wilmington NC area.  Everything in the gallery is hand-crafted!

There is a huge variety of work from our creative collective, changing all the time as we stretch our imaginations to develop new styles, new media, new art.

This is what we look like today! 

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Here is our Grand Opening Announcement from 2007!

The Artists of Port City Pottery &Fine Crafts

Patricia Hart
Dick Heiser
Mary Holden-Hall
 Pat Holleman
Sybil West
Debbie Williams

Baskets & Gourds
Dory Maier
Dianne Masi
Melanie Walter

 Louise Giordano
Carol Langer
Iris Simmons

Sara Westermark

Mary Beth Cook (NEW)


Sandy Brown
Karen Harbaugh
Harry Hart
Marg Rawlins

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