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Saturday, January 16, 2010

So.....Today We Felted!

Today we felted at my house!  The Fiber Folks, now renamed Fiber Arts Collective, met at my house for a demo/workshop on felting using Artfelt paper.  It's a water-soluble potato starch paper made by Skacel.  Most of the talented fiber artists present had made felt of some type before, but none had ever seen this paper or heard of the process of Artfelt.

I have done all kinds of felting, from knitted felt, to hand and wet felting and nuno felting.  Artfelt paper allows you to create almost all of the qualities of these other types of felting in easy steps, without the arduous physical labor required of most other types of felting.  No rolling, agitation, hot soapy water - just wool roving, embellishments, Artfelt paper, needlefelting needle, plastic wrap, a sock, and your DRYER! Not the hair dryer - your clothes dryer!

Eight local fiber artists of IMMENSE talent were the best students I've ever taught (surely much different from the middle schoolers to whom I attempted to teach French and Spanish for 20+ years).  They were eager to learn, and of course their creativity prevailed, and their results were astonishing.  They appreciated the workshop and the process; I appreciated their attentiveness, humor, and final products!  AMAZING!!

These are the  befores!

I'll post some of the afters later!  Enjoy!


Carol said...

I wish that I could have been in that class!! I admire your work and would love to do this technique. Are there instructions somewhere? I am off to google that felt now!

Scarf It Up! said...

Thank you , Carol! Here's a link to a video from the manufacturer of Artfelt paper (Skacel)

I do it a little differently, and I don't use a kit, but these instructions are good as well.

Have fun!

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