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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blogging for My Sanity! Knitting helps too!

The weather has finally broken - after what appears to have been the longest and coldest cold spell that most Wilmingtonians can remember.  It certainly gave us pause as to why we're here rather than Florida, but then Floridians were experiencing record cold there too.  Cabin fever: no tennis, no walks, and during much of the cold, I was restricted from knitting while curing (yes, I think it worked!) trigger thumb!

But now a NEW heart health problem for my DH, and my sanity is slowly creeping away, I fear!  I'm hoping that the knitting, walking, blogging, and dear family and friends (on whom I've relied so much through all the health crises) will carry me through.  TODAY is the anniversary of DH's first cardiac ablation at Duke (it's also our puppy's first birthday:  Happy BD, Griff!), and TODAY he will undergo a cardioversion to hopefully fix this new complication: atrial tachycardia.  I'm learning so much medical terminology that I never ever wanted to learn.  The internet is a wonderful thing (and a nightmare) just as a little knowledge is sometimes a dangerous thing.  So....I'm scared - not so much about today's procedure (or perhaps I should be!), but about the potentially recurrent nature of this thing, when he's had so many OTHER heart issues.  I both look forward to and dread talking to his doctor today - this doctor who has quite literally saved his life in the past.  So....once again, I ask for positive thoughts and prayers as we enter yet another new realm of Tony's heart!

I'm been knitting, crocheting, and felting!  Thank goodness for that - often when faced with these hospital/heart issues, I can't do any of it.  But I've been producing quite a bit - always mindful of not overdoing it for the sake of my hands!  I'm happy to show the results!

Art Deco Sassy Sac Art Deco Sassy Sac

Curly Fringe Scarf Curly Fringe Scarf

Tantalizing Teal  Scarf Tantalizing Teal Scarf

Little Purple Sassy Sac Little Purple Sassy Sac

Almost Spring Loopy Almost Spring Loopy

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