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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Arboretum Influence!

Arboretum Mini-Shawl II

Although I didn't SELL the Arboretum Shawl or Mini-Shawl at the Arboretum Show in October, they have both since sold (the shawl at Artistry in Southport and the Mini at Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts in downtown Wilmington).  And since many have lusted after them, I decided to create another series of the same colors.

Arboretum Mobius
I have my stash organized by type of yarn/fiber - not by color.  As I go through the process of choosing yarns for a project, I always wonder if in fact I should re-organize it by color.  Anyway, so far I haven't done that.  I take a transparent/translucent shopping bag and pick through my stash (HUGE!) to select the colors/textures I have in mind.  For this series, I pulled various greens, oranges, rusts, golds, reds, etc.  These are colors I've always liked, so this is an easy task for me.

Arboretum Cachecol

But then I got stuck in green/orange!  First I made a new mini-shawl (knit), then I made a cachecol (knit), and then I decided to try my hand at a mobius scarf in crochet.  And now they are done, and I am SICK of the colors!  But yesterday someone suggested that she loves green with purple (not my favorite color, as anyone who knows me or reads my blog knows!)   But I know others who love that combo, so I thought I'd try it before RE-stashing all those greens.  So that is what I'm working on right now - the results will be shown later.

Additional photos of these on flickr.

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