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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Oh, What a Week!

Can I express my frustrations?  If not, I'm going to anyway!    Spent three days in Winston-Salem with daughter number one and her family of 3 kids, husband, and dog, helping out where I could while she recuperates from tonsillectomy!  Poor thing - it is REALLY not a nice surgery for an adult:  throat raw, pain meds knocked her for a loop, anti-nausea med helped some, antibiotic contributed to intestinal issues.  I cooked for the family, and they LOVED it and were very appreciative.  I did the laundry, cleaned the kitchen, took the kids where they needed to go, and enjoyed my grandchildren.  I force-fed her a liquid and mostly COLD diet.  I didn't get to chat a whole lot with my daughter - she struggled to stay awake (meds!) and carry a conversation.

I returned home yesterday to see my own doc - to have my ribs and injuries from the bike accident checked out - finally!  The bruised ribs got worse in the past week, and since I had not seen a doctor, it seemed appropriate!  X-ray results TBA. Anyway, I do feel better......but...........


However......I did visit two yarn shops in Winston-Salem (Knit One Smock Two and Knit Picky) and had FUN!!!  Now I'm stressing beyond belief over the Art in the Arboretum show next weekend.  It's the logistics of it all that confound me.  I NEED HELP!!!!

A few NEW items produced during my time in Winston.

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Pam Kersting said...

I'm tired just reading about what your week has been like. Didn't know you had a bike accident. Good luck with that! Don't worry about what is to come -- the Art in the Arboretum show will be great, I know.

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