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Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Felted Clutch Bags

If you've been following my blog, you know that I've recently been very much interested in creating felt!  I LOVE the process of making a piece of fabric out of wool fibers to then embellish and adorn with various found objects: ribbons, vintage earrings, pins, buttons, beads, yarn and other left-overs from my prodigious stash!  

Felted Clutch Bags

I started with a very small stash of wool roving and bats - from which I have created quite a few small clutch bags.  Right now I'm determined to use up this stash before investing in more - famous last words!  Hmmm...I found myself looking just today at Three Waters Farm at their incredibly beautiful selection of Blueface Leicester wool.  But I am holding back until after the upcoming Art in the Arboretum Show.  If the recent crop of bags is successful, I'll reward myself with several new wools.

Felted Clutch Bags

In a marathon session, I made FIVE of them yesterday! Now I'm not usually so ambitious, but when the opportunity arises, hey, make hay! You may wonder how this is possible, because felting is a normally lengthy and laborious process. My process is a secret - UNLESS you comment here and specifically ask!

Felted Clutch Bags

I'm very pleased with the results and had a blast not only designing the felt itself, but then searching through all my stashed paraphernalia (silk and chiffon scarves, vintage buttons and earrings, Hannah silk ribbon samples, beads, and more!) Here are the results - larger photos can be seen on flickr. Click on each photo and then on "All Sizes" to view the photos from very small to very large original sizes.

Felted Clutch Bags


Patricia Richardson said...

What beautiful clutches. Please, please tell me you secret process.

Scarf It Up! said...

Thanks, Patricia! I will if you send me your email or your blog or some way I can tell you without publishing it on my blog.

Miss Gina Designs said...

These are flippin' gorgeous! I love the gorgeous textures and the bags are just beautiful! I need the secret process, please (smile!~!)
regina at missginadesigns dot com

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