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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Album and Handout for Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts

It's been suggested to me several times to develop a photo album for use in the Gallery to show prospective customers the versatility and variability of many of my designs.  I've resisted this - mostly because I knew it would be a time-consuming endeavor.  This afternoon, I finally set out to do just that.  

I've completed a small album with photos of several styles that lend themselves to creative and adaptable wearing.  I hope to place it near some of my work  - but the work is concentrated in three distinct locations throughout the Gallery.  I also developed a handout that can accompany my designs when purchased or used to apprise customers of their versatility BEFORE purchase.  How I wish I could use my flickr sets or Slide slideshow to demo my work.  

Oh is the text of my handout.  It's in a more artistic font than shows here!

Wearable Fiber Art

MOST “SCARF IT UP” FIBER ART CAN BE WORN IN MULTIPLE WAYS.  Perhaps you’ll discover a NEW way to enjoy an original Scarf It Up design.

Pygoras Cachecol II

CACHECOL is my line of neckwarmers or Scarflettes.  It quite literally means “hide your neck,” so they are short, lightweight wearable fiber art scarves that provide warmth without bulk.  Each is hand-knitted with random stitches to create an irregularly-shaped neckwarmer, usually with fringe and a funky button, bead, or other closure. 
  • Wrap the cachecol around your neck, and fasten by pulling the button through at any juncture.  The “holely-ness” of the fabric allows multiple ways to wear your cachecol.   Fold down an edge or two.
  • Turn it, twist it, or weart it upside-down.  Play with your cachecol – it does a body GOOD!  AND it will give you a different look every time!

LOOPY is a hand-crocheted piece of wearable art.  Consider it a scarf or jewelry. 
  • Wrap a long one multiple times around the neck or double it and slip one end through the other. 
  • Flip one end of a Short LOOPY over the other or….
  •  Slip one end through a loop near the end of the other side.  Drape the piece around a scoop or V-neck or……
  • Pull one end of the loopy through any loop near the other end.  Pull as tightly as desired.

FRILLY is a hand-crocheted curlicue scarf that has multiple ways to use.
  • Wrap it completely around the neck for a ruffled effect.
  • Double it and pull one end through the other.
  • Flip one end over the other at the throat or lower on the chest.  Arrange the ruffles to suit.

COLLARS are wide hand-crocheted neckpieces with multiple fibers and multiple ways to wear.  Because of the large hook used to create the collar, the button can be pulled through the fabric at any juncture or at more than one juncture.

Louise Giordano works in knit & crochet and creates several kinds of felt: knitted felt, hand/wet felt, and nuno felt in bags, scarves, and brooches.



janice said...

I received a gift of those digital picture frames that shows a slide show of photos. I didn't really appreciate it as I look at pictures on my computer but then a friend suggested I use it for as a marketing tool for teaching my classes. I can show my work in various stage. when people visit the shop they can see what they will learn. It is also helpful if you'd like to show an example of making something like say a clay pot or hairpin lace strip from start to finish. You might like this as opposed to a regular photo album.

Scarf It Up! said...

That's a fabulous idea, Janice, that has crossed my mind more than once. I need to float the idea once again to the owners of the gallery and then see if they (or I) can finance it! Thanks so much for your suggestion!

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