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Friday, May 29, 2009

A Week of Sassy Sacs

Tired of making envelop bags, I decided this week to focus on SASSY SACS, mostly because I sold one at Port City Pottery and Fine Crafts last time I worked.  There were two of them at the gallery, and this customer had a hard time deciding between these two:

Sassy Sac Black

Sassy Sac Black 
Perfect Periwinkle Pouchy Purse
Perfect Periwinkle Pouchy Purse

She ultimately chose the black one and left VERY happy!  So.....I thought it time to try my hand at more of these.  

Since I don't use a pattern for these, and there are several ways I create them (and having forgotten the most efficient/effective way!), I launched into it with that sense of trepidation I always have when knitting something to felt.  Those of you who know the felting process can appreciate that the outcome is ALWAYS unknown.  Every fiber felts differently - in duration and result, so you never know if it will shrink appropriately, if it will shrink too quickly (before you remember that you've left it in the washer!), or if it will shrink too much to remain functional, or if it contains some unknown fiber that won't shrink at all!   I've experienced ALL of the above!

But here are this week's results - Strappy Sassy Sacs!

Golden Leaves Sassy Sac

Golden Leaves Strappy Sassy Bag

Deep Periwinkle Sassy Sac

Deep Periwinkle Strappy Bag

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